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RMG Legal Codes

RebelMafiaGaming's Official Legal Codes (Laws) for San Andreas.


  1. Latest Updated Laws 12-13-2017

    RebelMafiaGaming's Official Legal Codes (Laws) for San Andreas.



    Based on California Law


    The purpose of the legal sourcebook is to provide civilian and law enforcement with the laws and ordances that govern our society. It is not the responsibility of the government or law enforcement to educate citizens on our laws and ordances. It is the duty of each citizen to read the legal sourcebook to ensure they are following the law. The San Andreas Peace Officers Legal Sourcebook is written by the San Andreas Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General. The sourcebook is a training and resource manual for state and local law enforcement personnel covering updated San Andreas and Federal law on Search and Seizure, Interrogation, Driving Under the Influence, Juveniles, and Criminal Offenses.


    In order for all citizens to have a better understanding of the common laws, county codes, and speed limits.

    Speed Limit Zones
    The speed limits are as follows:

    If the street or location is not listed, the default speed limit INSIDE of the city is 45 MPH. Outside of the city is 70 MPH.
    Sandy Shore - Residential speed limit 45 MPH unless posted
    Procopio Dr. – Residental speed limit 35 MPH
    Poleto – Commercial Downtown speed limit 45 MPH
    Great Ocean Highway – Highway speed limit 70 MPH
    Parking lots – Private and Public 25 MPH
    Beach - 5-30MPH Depending on safety to the public.

    County Codes
    The following county codes are an infraction/misdemeanor:

    BC.1.101 – No persons shall loiter in the Los Santos Police Department or Sheriff’s Office parking lot. [max fine $300]
    BC.1.102 – No persons shall park in a handicap parking spot without proper tags. [max fine $250]
    BC.1.103 – No persons shall loiter in private lot after sunset. [max fine $1500]
    BC.1.104 – No persons shall block the gas station unless fueling. [max fine $1000]
    BC.1.105 – No persons shall loiter in the EMS/Fire parking lot. [max fine $300]
    BC.1.106 – No persons shall park opposite the flow of traffic. [max fine $2000]
    BC.1.107 – No persons shall park a vehicle or motorcycle inside of a building. [max fine $5000]
    BC.1.108 – No persons shall have an RED neon lighting kit under their vehicle of any color. [max fine $500]
    -1st violation is an infraction, 2nd violation infraction/misdemeanor, 3rd violation is a misdemeanor and is an arrestable offense.

    The reason for some of these county codes is due to personnel not being able to hear while booking inmates or handling LE / EMS / Fire calls.

    Common Laws
    The following are common laws in which you may be stopped/arrested for:

    PC 69 – Threaten a peace officer from performing their duties 
    PC 136.1 – Preventing a witness/victim from testifying 
    PC 148(a) – Resisting, Delaying, or obstructing a police officer 
    PC 148.5 – Falsely reporting a criminal offense. (Abuse of 911) 
    PC 148.9 – Providing false ID to a peace officer 
    PC 187 – Murder 
    PC 192 – Manslaughter 
    PC 207 – Kidnapping 
    PC 211 – Robbery
    PC 215 – Carjacking 
    PC 220 – Assault w/ intent to commit rape and other crimes specified 
    PC 236 – False Imprisonment 
    PC 240 – Assault 
    PC 242 – Battery 
    PC 243(e)(1) – Misdemeanor domestic violence 
    PC 245 – Assault with a Deadly Weapon 
    PC 261 - Rape 
    PC 262 – Spousal rape 
    PC 273.5 – Felony domestic violence 
    PC 286 – Sodomy 
    PC 289 – Penetration w/ a foreign object 
    PC 314 – Indecent exposure 
    PC 415(a,b,c) – Disturbing the peace 
    PC 417 – Brandishing a weapon or firearm 
    PC 422 – Criminal threats 
    PC 451 – Arson 
    PC 496 – Receiving stolen property 
    PC 594 – Vandalism 
    PC 602 – Trespassing 
    PC 647(f) – Public Intoxication 
    PC 16590 – Possession of a prohibited weapon 
    PC 25850(a) – Carrying a firearm in a public place or within a vehicle

    VC 2800.1 - Evading a peace officer (Misdemeanor) 
    VC 2800.2 - Evading a peace officer (Felony, Reckless) 
    VC 2800.3 - Evading a peace officer (Felony, injury or death) 
    VC 10851 – Vehicle Theft
    VC 12500(a) – Driving without a license 
    VC 14601 – Driving on a suspended/revoked license 
    VC 16028(a) - No proof of insurance 
    VC 20001(a) – Felony hit and run 
    VC 20002(a) – Misdemeanor hit and run 
    VC 21453(a) – Stop lights (Running a red stop light) 
    VC 21650.1 – Riding a bicycle, MUST be with the flow of traffic, not against. 
    VC 21703 – Following too closely (tailgating) 
    VC 22450 – Running a stop sign (failure to stop at the stop limit line)
    VC 23103(a) – Reckless driving 
    VC 23109(a) – Speed contest (street racing / attempting to incite a race) 
    VC 22349(a) – Maximum speed law (Speeding) 
    VC 23152(a) – Misdemeanor DUI 
    VC 23153(a) – Felony DUI 
    VC 24250 – Must have all required lighting for that vehicle 
    VC 24252 – All lighting equipment must be in good working order 
    VC 27150(a) – Illegal Exhaust 
    VC 4000(a) – Expired vehicle registration

    HS 11350/11377 – Possession of a controlled substance 
    HS 11364 – Possession of drug paraphernalia 
    HS 11550 – Under the influence of a controlled substance 

    The listed penal codes, vehicle codes, and health and safety codes range anywhere from an infraction to a felony. 

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