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  1. All emergency service workers will be issued badge numbers. Badge numbers are used in reports against officers. You must fill out the proper report found here. Once that is filed the appropriate action will be taken by the appropriate department head. All emergency service workers will be required to give a badge number upon request. This system is not here for you to abuse by requesting the badge number of every single officer that pulls you over for speeding. This is put in place for the purposes of misconduct on behalf of the Officer or EMS/Fire Fighter on a scene or scenario. Each report will be investigated thoroughly and appropriate action will be taken as deemed necessary by the investigation. Rules a subject to change during the progression and growth of the service please keep that in mind.
  2. Command: Function: /admin - shows your current permisson level and group. /report id# - Reports player for misconduct. (ie /report 15 RDM. wouls show as "REPORT: 15 RDM") /engine - Toggles the engine of your vehicel you are in. You must do this command when you spawn a car or steal a parked car. Commands will be added as needed or as seen fit by Staff members.
  3. Server Name: In-game Name: Date of Bug Report (current days date): Reason/Bug: Explanation/Description: Steps to Reproduce: Expected Result: Post any evidence: Any additional comments or concerns:
  4. **Failure to follow the format may impede the time it takes to find and resolve your appeal.** Post Title: "Your Name | Reason | (Admin name)" - Example: Bob RDM (SPJ) Server Name: In-game Name: Player ID: Banned by Admin: Ban Reason (Shown when you are kicked): Ban Length: Questions/Explanation: Post any evidence: To locate your player ID go into steam. From there select your profile drop down menu (the silhouette of a person on the top right), Click Profile and it will bring you to your profile page. In the URL bar there will be a 17 digit number starting with 7656.
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